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Optimize your taxation

France is a true tax haven, when you are well supported.

Whether for your tax return issues, or the best way to understand remuneration, our teams are here to listen to you.

You can make a live appointment and benefit from personalized advice directly. 


We will explain to you the distinctions between tax-exempt investments and investments qualifying for tax credits.

Of course, as usual, we will be at your side, not only in the event of declarations but also throughout the duration of the strategy put in place.

Optimiser votre fiscalité
Réunion de travail

Make your wealth grow

To supplement your income, protect yourself from an accident or simply while waiting for an investment in a project that is close to your heart. 

1/ A selection that suits you;

Do you need to give meaning to your savings? Our funds specialized in ISR/ESG combine eco-responsibility and return! 

2/  profitability is crucial in an inflationary situation;

Because today, the Livret A will not make up for the shortfall in relation to galloping inflation, We have selected solutions that combine profitability and efficiency!

Acquire profitable real estate

-Pinel law : by investing under this regime, in areas with high rental demand, you benefitrez of a tax reduction of up to €63,000.


-Malraux law : by investing in an exceptional property, in the heart of the city, excluding the tax niche cap, you will benefit from a tax reduction of up to €120,000.


-Furnished rental : by investing under the status of a furnished rental company, you ensure additional income with little or no tax. You benefit from the guarantee of a commercial lease, via duly selected managers.


-Land deficit : invest in a building to carry out maintenance work deductible from your property income.


-Regime of Historical Monuments : invest in a listed or registered building and deduct all maintenance work from your overall income.


-Law De Normandy : by investing under the Normandy regime, in the 245 towns benefiting from the Action Cœur de Ville plan, you will benefit from a tax reduction of up to €63,000.


Investment under the Pinel, Malraux, Historical Monuments system… Bare or furnished rental, full ownership or dismemberment of property. Which one to choose ?

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Pass on your heritage

Giving during your lifetime or preparing for transmission is the best way to avoid leaving a “poisoned” gift to your descendants.

The important thing is obviously to do it correctly.

- What reductions are you entitled to?

- Which method will suit you best?

- How to put all this in place without going through various stakeholders?

- Do you know a good Notary?


To answer all these questions, you can request a free meeting with our teams so that they can direct you towards the tailor-made solution that suits you. 

 Prepare for your retirement

The demographic context: Until 2025-2030, massive retirements due to the baby boom will lead to an explosion in the number of retirees due to the aging of the population.


In 2050, with nearly 75 million inhabitants, including 20 million over 65, there will be one worker for one retiree, compared to 4 to 1 in 1960.


Economic consequences: Our retirement system is based on distribution, where contributions from workers finance pensions.


With the growing imbalance between workers and retirees, pensions are decreasing. The adjustments include the extension of the contribution period and the extension of the legal retirement age. The reforms attempt to adapt to new demographic and social challenges.


Thus, a retirement pension once covered needs, but now only covers 2/3, providing 40% in 2050 (according to the Retirement Orientation Council).


How to cure it ? We offer personalized solutions to face these challenges.


To compensate for the loss of purchasing power and ensure comfort of life, help your loved ones and realize your projects, you need to find solutions that preserve your standard of living.


It is therefore essential to prepare for your retirement… and as early as possible! The effort required will only be lighter...

Analyse fiscale
Analyse fiscale

Supplement your income

You want to realize your assets, and think about ceasing your activity.


Here again you have to anticipate and make the right investments to achieve your annual remuneration objective. 


Our specialists have found particularly effective investments. 

Responsible Investments

At Capital Conseils, we favor responsible investments, combining financial profitability and positive impact. Using ESG criteria, we select investments consistent with our clients' values. Our range includes stocks, green bonds and more, aiming to deliver strong financial returns whilst supporting important causes. Join us to invest ethically while building a strong financial future.

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