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Let's build together a heritage that suits you.

For straightforward heritage advice.

Capital Conseils²

A truly major player in wealth management, the result of bringing together the best know-how in global wealth organization. 

Capital Conseils²'s philosophy is to take the client and his sensitivity as the starting point of all analysis.

The combination of multiple skills allows our teams to fully support you in the management and organization of your assets.

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Your projects

Explore your projects in wealth management, taxation, real estate, and more.

Consultation d'affaires

Optimize your taxation

Our tax expertise allows you to maximize your tax savings through personalized strategies. We analyze your tax situation, identify optimization opportunities and help you navigate a complex tax environment, ensuring better management of your financial resources over the long term.

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Pass on your heritage

We assist you in estate planning to ensure the efficient transmission of your assets. By developing tailored strategies, we minimize tax burdens and ensure a smooth transition, preserving your legacy for future generations.

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Make your wealth grow

We develop tailored investment strategies to grow your wealth prudently and strategically. Through in-depth analysis of your financial goals, we construct diversified portfolios that aim to maximize returns while minimizing risks, allowing you to achieve your long-term financial goals.

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 Preparing for your retirement

Our retirement planning expertise helps you anticipate and financially prepare for this crucial stage of life. We assess your needs, optimize your retirement savings and develop a personalized plan to ensure a comfortable retirement.

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Acquire profitable real estate

Our expertise in real estate investments guides you in the acquisition of profitable real estate assets. We identify investment opportunities, carry out profitability analyzes and support you throughout the purchasing process, to help you build a solid real estate portfolio.

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Supplement your income

We help you explore complementary ways to generate income, whether through diversified investments, passive income strategies, or other financial solutions tailored to your situation, to ensure continued financial security.


Explore our personalized services in wealth management, taxation, inheritance, and more.

Marie Garnier, Paris

"Capital Conseils has been a valuable partner in the management of my wealth. Their personalized approach has allowed me to make informed financial decisions. Thanks to their expertise in taxation and wealth management, I am confident about my financial future. "

Pierre Morel, Lyon

"I was impressed by the commitment of the Capital Conseils team. Their investment advice was crucial to the growth of my portfolio. They have an in-depth understanding of the financial markets and were able to adapt my strategy according to my needs. goals."

Anne Bain, Clichy

"Capital Conseils was a great help during my family's estate planning. Their caring approach and in-depth legal knowledge allowed us to put in place a solution that was effective and fair for all members of the family.

Our services

For straightforward heritage advice.

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