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The Real Estate Mission

The mission of assistance in the acquisition of real estate.

One of the firm's specialties allows you to use all the levers to increase your assets!

1/ We take care of everything, from the search for the property to the rental, including the work etc… 

2/ We support you at each stage: Credit, The Notary, the choice of tenant… 

3/ We follow you throughout the ownership of the property: assistance with tax declaration, possible renewal of tenants and resale.


To take advantage of these opportunities, contact us, as there is a waiting list.

The Heritage Audit

You are perhaps at an age where the concern is no longer retirement or investment but rather transmission, the protection of loved ones etc... 

The Heritage audit is a real snapshot of what you have built so far.

Our experts will point out the weaknesses, but also the strengths, with you to help you choose the strategy that best suits you!

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Our promise


 Integrity is the cornerstone of our practice. We are committed to acting ethically, honestly and transparently in all our professional relationships. We always put our customers' interests first and strive to maintain the trust they have placed in us.


We strongly believe in transparency in our communication and processes. We are committed to clearly explaining our recommendations, the costs associated with our services and the implications of our advice so that our clients fully understand their options.


We pursue excellence in everything we do. Our team constantly strives to improve their skills and knowledge to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients. We take a rigorous approach to our work to stay at the forefront of heritage engineering.


 Respect is at the heart of our relationships with our customers, colleagues and partners. We respect the unique needs, values and goals of each client. We also value diversity and inclusion within our team, recognizing that diverse perspectives strengthen our expertise.

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