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News - July 2024 & our solution

The empty national assembly

The election result

Dear readers,


Faced with the many questions from our customers and now that the “dust has settled”, your faithful financial partner could not remain silent in the current context.


Betting that the economic situation will not lead to major disruption in the financial markets seems to us to be an extremely risky bet . Indeed, the National Assembly seems to remain a mosaic of parties with relatively incompatible ideals.

Distribution of seats in the national assembly

What worries your servant the most are the statements that were made during the respective campaigns of each party.


The government seems to want to “ get its hands on ” our nest egg.


So not right away, as you might suspect, they only have a year and a half to prepare for the presidential elections and the infusion of ego that will emerge from this legislative jar will not fail to entertain us over the coming months.


But we have the impression that a pattern is constantly repeating itself : any party that finds itself facing the RN wins . The point here is not to debate the merits of this mechanism, but rather to detect a trend.


The Jupiterian government seems to have more than tired our compatriots and it is clear that History is an eternal beginning again .


Whether it is the extreme left or the extreme right, these two sides of the chamber seem to have a popular electorate that will have to be satisfied: increase in the minimum wage? Increase in Taxes? In a context of international politics which has inevitably tainted our democratic system, your faithful partner intends to remain vigilant.


The cabinet has already taken a position in the face of all these uncertainties.


We have established a solid partnership with a real Luxembourg company, which respects the confidentiality and solidity inherent to our activity.



Why Luxembourg?

Our market study concluded that there were practically only advantages to “ relocating ” our savings to Luxembourg :


A. The Luxembourg security triangle

The Luxembourg security triangle

The security triangle is a tripartite agreement signed by three subjects: the insurance company, the custodian bank and the Insurance Commission (CAA) .


In France our funds, if they exceed €100,000 in the same company and it “defaults” / “bankruptcy”. The French State's current promise is to compensate you up to €100,000.


The complacency rating attributed to the French State by the rating agencies worries us and leads us to believe that this guarantee is illusory.


B. The Dedicated Internal Fund

In a previous article we explained to you what a Euro Fund was, mainly invested in OATs (Obligations Assimilable to the Treasury), that is to say loans from European States (mostly French).


For many years, the firm has explained to you that the Euro Fund is a liquidity pocket that is simply more profitable than your Livret A, and now just as available. The real management that allows you to create a balanced and solid heritage is found elsewhere.


The Dedicated Internet Fund is a tailor-made management, set up with one of our management company partners, according to your specifications !


When the firm prides itself on being tailor-made, these are not just nice words.


C. Taxation

Among other advantages that we will develop in the interview , Luxembourg is a fiscally neutral country , which means that it reproduces the taxation of your country of tax residence. The most knowledgeable among you on the subject will immediately understand the interest of this information... For the others I invite you to contact us J


In conclusion, not having a significant part of these liquidity in Luxembourg today seems to us to be an error and we offer to help you correct it.

To find out more and take the best solution that suits you, do not hesitate to consult your preferred Advisor at .

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