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Key deadlines for declaring your income in 2024: Be ready!

"Time to declare 2024!" on a post-it with an alarm

The start of each new year also marks the kick-off of the tax return campaign. Whether you're an entrepreneur, self-employed, or an employee, it's vital to meet the deadlines set by the tax authorities.

Find out the key deadlines for filing your income tax return online in 2024, depending on your département!

Key deadlines for each geographic zone :

To simplify the process and lighten the administrative burden, deadlines are divided into three distinct geographical zones.

  • Zone 1: Departments 1 to 19 on 23/05/2024

  • Zone 2: Departments 2A to 54 on 05/30/2024

  • Zone 3: Departments 55 to 95 and DOM on 06/06/2024

How to prepare in time to meet deadlines:

Respecting tax return deadlines requires rigorous organization. Follow these recommendations to ensure that you can face the next tax season with peace of mind:

  1. Create a calendar specifically for managing your tax obligations

  2. Centralize all your supporting documents (invoices, bank statements, etc.) in a single, easily accessible location

  3. Anticipate the estimated amounts to be paid or repaid via withholding tax

  4. Call on the expertise of a firm specialized in tax and wealth management, such as Capital Conseils², to guide you and optimize your situation.

A stressed-out girl trying to fill out her tax return

Knowing how to anticipate tax return deadlines is a major asset for entrepreneurs and individuals alike. Put them in your diary now, and make sure you have all the tools you need to complete your return with ease.

And remember, professional guidance can be the key to effective and efficient financial management. Our experts at Capital Conseils² are here to guide you through the process.

So don't delay, make an appointment with a Capital Conseils² expert today. Contact us online or by phone and take a decisive step towards mastering your tax and wealth strategy.

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