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Launch of an educational podcast: An instructive dive into the world of cryptocurrencies

On a vibrant yellow and blue background sits a headset with microphone, a symbol of captivating audio immersion. These colors evoke the positive energy of podcasting, where every sound becomes a doorway to fascinating conversations.

Capital Conseils², a recognized name in wealth management, takes a new educational step with the launch of a podcast dedicated to crypto-currencies. Initiated by Maxence Grenon, a wealth management advisor specializing in crypto-currencies, the project aims to offer an informed perspective on this dynamic, constantly evolving universe.

Education at the heart of our approach

The podcast is part of an educational approach, aimed at demystifying the often complex world of crypto-currencies. As interest in these digital assets continues to grow, it becomes imperative to provide educational resources accessible to all. Maxence Grenon, with over 3 years of experience in the field, brings solid expertise to guide listeners through the intricacies of this ecosystem.

Capital Conseils²'s added value in financial education

Capital Conseils² stands out for its commitment to financial education, and the launch of this podcast on crypto-currencies reinforces this mission. By providing educational information on crypto-currencies, Capital Conseils² offers its audience a unique opportunity to understand these digital assets' issues, risks, and opportunities.

Maxence Grenon: An expert guide to the world of cryptocurrencies

At the helm of this podcast, Maxence Grenon brings a unique perspective as a wealth management advisor. His specialization in crypto-currencies and his practical experience provide listeners with informed guidance. Maxence shares his knowledge with clarity and enthusiasm, making the world of crypto-currencies accessible to everyone, from beginners to seasoned investors.

Explore the fundamentals without complex jargon

The podcast offers an accessible approach, avoiding the complex jargon often associated with crypto-currencies. Each episode is designed to enable a broad audience to understand the basics while offering relevant information for those looking to deepen their knowledge.


With the launch of this educational podcast on crypto-currencies, Capital Conseils² reinforces its commitment to financial education. Maxence Grenon guides listeners through an informative and accessible journey, offering an in-depth understanding of the world of crypto-currencies. To stay connected to this valuable resource, subscribe now on Deezer and Spotify to embark on an educational adventure at the heart of the digital financial revolution.

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